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Creative Collections, Springfield Writers' Guild
Compiled and edited by Wayne E. Groner
Type: Collection

Springfield Writers' Guild was organized in 1943 to help writers improve their craft and become published. This anthology gives members an opportunity to showcase their work, some of whom are published here for the first time. Included are short stories and poems, fiction and nonfiction, poetry, mystery, humor, and inspiration.

Wayne E. Groner is a past president of Springfield Writers' Guild.

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All My Tears, All My Blessings
A True Story of Courage, Hope and Faith
Ngoc Pease, as told to Wayne E. Groner
Type: Narrative nonfiction

Follow Ngoc Pease as she rummages through garbage in the Mekong Delta to feed her family, survives the Tet Offensive, and with the help of a top CIA agent escapes to the United States one week before the fall of Saigon.

Her new life and struggles in the U.S. include owning and managing three restaurants at the same time and employing drug addicts, alcoholics and homeless people to help them on their journeys to recovery.

She has two children and four grandchildren.

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A Guide to Writing Your Memoir or Life Story: 
Tools, Tips, Methods and Examples
Wayne E. Groner
Type: How-to

A wealth of resources in an easy-to-understand guide to writing your memoir, biography, or family history. Whether you want to write for personal healing, share childhood adventures or exciting travels, leave a family legacy, inspire, persuade, empower, or teach, I show how in straightforward and lighthearted style. Get started now finding your purpose, gathering information, and writing clearly and effectively. 

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Witnesses of Hope, Faith, Love and Healing
Compiled and edited by Wayne E. Groner
Type: Inspirational testimonies

Fifty-one members of Chapel for Peace church, Springfield, Missouri share their witnesses of God's infinite love through Jesus Christ. Some had never given a public testimony; others did not know they had a testimony. The results of their struggles and willingness to share for the first time, combined with testimonies of experienced storytellers, have produced a unique and permanent record of God's blessings.

Paperback and Kindle editions at All royalties support ministries of Chapel for Peace.

Dumb Luck or Divine Guidance: My 31 Years with the Council of Churches of the Ozarks
Dorsey E. Levell, as told to Wayne E. Groner
Type: Life story/memoir/corporate history 

In a folksy, easy-to-read style and a deeply personal account, Dorsey recalls his 31 years as founding executive director of the Council of churches of the Ozarks, Springfield, Missouri. He takes readers through his failures and his successes, from his early and tentative days with the Council when he was ready to quit because there was no office, no staff and no budget, to an annual budget of twelve million dollars. From the heady days of seemingly unstoppable growth of the Council, to a fear he would cause its downfall in his despair over the unexpected death from cancer of his closest friend and co-worker.

Dorsey speaks candidly of the reasons for his divorce after forty-two years of marriage, being diagnosed with degenerative arthritis, battling prostate cancer, undergoing five-way heart bypass surgery, his nearly three decades as a chaplain in the U.S. Army Reserve, and his love for the outdoors, especially fishing.

During his tenure, the Council created fifteen human service agencies, grew to one hundred twenty paid staff and more than one thousand volunteers, and was recognized throughout the United States as a model of effective outreach ministries.

Paperback and Kindle editions at All royalties benefit children, families and people with disabilities served by the Council of Churches of the Ozarks,

The Pastor's Guide to Fund-raising Success:
Step-by-step Details That Will Improve Your Church's Donor Program
Dorsey E. Levell and Wayne E. Groner
Type: How-to

Fundraising does not happen just because you are doing God's work. Many pastors and other church leaders understand the need for money to fund church ministries, but too many of them do not understand the role of fundraising as an integral part of church activities. This guide makes the fundraising process less mysterious and frightening, and more manageable and useful.

The authors tell how to plan, organize, and implement fundraising in conjunction with other church programs, covering annual giving, capital campaigns, endowments, Sunday offertories, and direct mail. Includes how to ask for major gifts and what to do when you get turned down.

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