Joy of Family: A Mini-Memoir

By Mary Cramer 
Mary Cramer

From her book, My Faith Reveals God's Love: Prayers and memories of hope and strength

My Angels
My angels are my two granddaughters. They have brought 
joy and laughter in my life and plenty of love. They give me 
hugs when I’m sad and lonely. 

I enjoy hearing them laughing and playing. I enjoy it when I can make them laugh, especially when we play Pretend together. We make funny faces and laugh at each other.


They may not have wings and halos, but they are still my angels. 

God sends us angels to give us joy and happiness. 

Thank you God, for my angels. 

Loving Hands
Loving hands and healing hands go together.
My Aunt Ruth had strong hands. When she massaged my back it certainly made me feel loved.
She told me I had healing hands. I could feel other people’s pain through my hands. People asked me to massage their neck and back. One friend said I got rid of her sinus pain. I guess I was considered an angel of mercy.
As a Certified Nursing Assistant, I sat by a man who others thought was going to die. I laid my hand on his shoulder and prayed for him. He lived. Thanks be to God for my loving hands and God’s angels. The man was surprised he survived.
I did a lot of things for people out of love and empathy. I felt sorry for people who were in pain. Even though I have small hands, I could still have loving and healing hands.
Up at the Clouds
Looking up at the clouds, I wonder if heaven is close by. Heaven has to be really big, because so many of us will be there.
I look up at the sky and ask if my mother and brothers are with God. I miss them a lot. But I know they must be happy.
My brother Frank came to Mom in a vision. He said he was happy where he is. I know when she died she wanted to be with Frank and my brother Ronnie.
The clouds can be so fluffy and beautiful. When I look at them I feel so close to God.
Thank you God, for the beautiful world you made for us. 
Mom’s Birds and Nature
My mom liked to sit on the porch at her home to watch the birds and squirrels. She said birds can bring us messages. Her favorite bird was the redbird. She liked the other birds, too.
She loved nature. She liked to plant flowers and gardens. We enjoyed her beautiful flowers.
God gave Mom a green thumb, which I didn’t inherit.
This all helped make good memories for me.
Thank you God, for giving me a wonderful mother. 
Mother’s Love
What would we be without a mother’s love? She comforts us and gives us love when we need it. She always lets us know how proud she is of us.
No matter how important, small or big accomplishments, she will always love us no matter what.
She gives us hugs when we are sad and hurting. She will always tell us she loves us. And she will open her arms and give us a big hug. The Spirit of God and the angels surround her.
As a mother, I want to teach my children and others that God will love and protect them, and they don’t need to be afraid as long as they believe in God.
I want to teach them about diversity and how important our country is. God loves all people equally. We are his children.
A mother’s face shows peace and tranquility for a life well lived and a faith that is beyond measure. She prays for her family and others who need it.
Thank you God, for a mother’s love.
The Porch Swing
I loved to sit in a porch swing and rock back and forth. It made me think of simple times, like when I swung on a porch swing at my grandparents’ house.
I could sit there in the evening and listen to different night sounds, especially the whipper will and bobwhite. The sky was full of stars. We looked for the Big and Little Dipper.
We sang, “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean,” and other songs. I loved rocking in the swing with my grandfather. He always made everything fun.
I miss those peaceful days.

Mary Cramer lives in the Missouri Ozarks. My Faith Reveals God's Love: Prayers and memories of hope and strength, © 2021 Mary Cramer. Used with permission. Available at 

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