A 50th Anniversary Gift We Will Treasure

The Book of Us
In June of 2015, our daughter and her family gave us a wonderful gift for our 50th wedding anniversary, five months before the anniversary date.

“We couldn’t wait,” our daughter Heidi, said.

“We knew it was the perfect gift as soon as we saw it,” our granddaughter Sarah, said.

The gift is The Book of Us: A Journal of Your Love Story in 150 Questions, by husband and wife Kate and David Marshall. Five sections cover the span of a relationship, with prompts rather than questions. Each prompt is allotted only one page, so answers
can’t be long. The authors encourage each spouse to write something, and both don’t have to write on every page.

The sections are Getting to Know You, Tying the Knot, Starting Out Together, The Middle Years, and The Later Years. Although the sections complete the cycle of married life, not all prompts are applicable to all couples. For example, “Sports played this role in our romance.” My wife Eryleene and I are not sports-oriented, so this page likely will remain blank. We left love notes in each other’s car, but I think that doesn’t qualify as a sport.

Some prompts will be fun for us. At “This is how our first date was arranged” we will tell it was a blind date arranged by a mutual friend. “What I loved about our honeymoon” calls to mind we couldn’t afford a honeymoon, so we answered a newspaper ad for a free weekend at a developing resort in return for a sales pitch to buy property. “A house project to remember” could be several things. One involved a lot on which we had a house built. Shortly after we moved into the house, a woman told Eryleene we had mistakenly built on the lot owned by the woman’s parents. In near panic, my wife called me at work. A little research uncovered the disputed lot was adjacent to ours.

Depending on the level of your honesty with each other, you may have difficulty with some prompts, such as, “I know it really bothered you when I . . . ,” or “We agreed and disagreed about politics and community affairs in this way,” or “The first time I met your family . . .” The authors, who are in their middle years, filled in their responses after writing the book. “We laughed and cried as we remembered some of the precious and painful moments,” they state in the introduction.

Regardless of how Eryleene and I respond to the prompts, the book will be a treasure for our children, our grandchildren, and us.

Tell us about a treasured gift you received, whether for a special occasion or other reason.

Kate and David Marshall also are authors of these fill-in-the-blanks books: What I Love About You, Picture of Me, My Life Map: A Journal to Help You Shape Your Future, The Book of My Pet, and What I Love About You, Mom.

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