How to Write Your Memoir or Life Story

Cover of my book
You've probably seen comedy skits with people at a buffet table. One person scoops a veggie or chip into a dip bowl, takes a bite, and then dips the same piece again. A lot of fussing ensues between the double dipper and those nearby, and hopefully a lot of laughter.

I double dipped with the title of my new book, A Guide to Writing Your Memoir or Life Story, although not to be funny. Memoir is a type of life story. However, for people searching memoir or life story, I wanted my book to appear among results on the first page, although that's never guaranteed. The subtitle, Tools, Tips, Methods, and Examples, reveals more about the book than the title.

And in the interest of even more truthyness, the title of this post is misleading. My book is not really a how-to. Again, how to shows well in searches. The
book is a guide to resources based on my experiences, books I own or with which I'm familiar, research for myself and clients, interaction with students in my memoir-writing classes, and rubbing shoulders with people smarter than I am. I don't pretend the book will answer all your questions; you should consult other professionals. I hope the book gets you started in the right direction, whether you've never written about yourself, or you've started and stopped and are ready to pick up your project again.

A fun thing about the cover photo: It shows the family of my wife, Eryleene, circa 1918. She was a Sloan. Seated, left to right: E.T. Sloan, her grandfather, who was a longtime Baptist preacher; Lloyd, a cousin; Martha, her grandmother. Second row, twins Elmer and Edna, her uncle and mother. Back row, left to right: Ruth, Earl, and Charley, her aunt and uncles.

I invite you to order the book and write a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook or other social media, or your blog or website. Heck, do 'em all. If you write something, please leave a comment and link below. Thanks a million.

Cover photo design Sharon Kizziah-Holmes.

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