Which to Write: Memoir or Autobiographical Fiction?

By Denis Ledoux 
Denis Ledoux

Denis is currently on a virtual book tour for his Memoir Network Writing Series from which this post originated. Re-posted with permission.

There is a clear difference—a chasm really—between the choice of memoir or autobiographical fiction. While one has a choice to write one or the other, one does not have a choice to call one by the name of another. The writer owes it to the reader to be

Three Reasons to Write About the Worst Experience of Your Life

By Kellie McGann
Re-posted by permission of The Write Practice

It’s been proven in many scientific studies that we, as writers, are significantly healthier emotionally than the general population. Why is that? Because we write about the hard things of life. We write about the things that haunt others’ souls. We write about our pain, share our torment. We write about