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The question I’m asked most often by students in my library class on writing memoirs and life stories is, “How do I get started?” I suggest three things: Read all kinds of books—fiction and nonfiction—and pay attention to how the authors write, join a writers’ group, and subscribe to free resources on the web.

Thousands of free writing resources are
on the web. If you asked 100 writers for their best suggestions, you would get 100 different lists and not all lists would be helpful to you.

Below in alphabetical order are some of the resources I subscribe to and find helpful. If they don’t work for you, enter into your browser’s search field free memoir writing resources or free writing resources. To subscribe, find a box on the site that states Subscribe by Email, and enter your name and email address. To entice you to subscribe, many sites offer free eBooks on writing topics you may download when your subscription is confirmed.

About.comNewsletter on genealogy. Resources for finding your family’s history include how to search old newspapers, U.S. Census records, passenger ship logs, cemetery records, and records from foreign countries.

American Christian Fiction Writers Paid membership organization. You may sign up for a free newsletter without joining. Don’t be put off by the fiction emphasis; the newsletter offers tips on all aspects of writing well.

Author PublishWeekly online magazine of fiction and nonfiction opportunities for traditional publishing and self-publishing. Includes writing advice, prompts, and free eBooks.
The Easy Way to Write
Although the title is a misleading attention grabber—there is no easy way to write—I find the tips useful. Writing tips on all genres. How to get ideas and how to improve writing your nonfiction books, novels, short stories, and articles; how to get published and how to promote and market your work.
The Heart and Craft of Life Story WritingCovers memoir, story, essay, free-writing, journaling, and more. Recent topics: How to write about friends and the impact of shocking disclosures.

Memory Writers NetworkPrimarily offers paid courses on how to become a personal historian to teach memoir writing. Some resources may be purchased without taking a course. Lots of tips in free newsletter.

National Association of Memoir WritersPaid membership organization. You may subscribe to a free newsletter without joining. Offers workshops and teleseminars by experts, and memoir writing resources including legal issues, writing to heal, editing, and creating powerful scenes that tell your story in ways that emotionally connect with readers.

The Write Practice
Tips to help you kick-start your writing. Focuses on the practice of writing. “You have to write millions of words no one is ever going to see before you can write the ones that will change someone’s life,” says Joe Bunting, creator of The Write Practice.
Writer Beware Uncovers literary scams, schemes, and pitfalls. Warns of specific agents, publishers, and services with unscrupulous and illegal methods.

What websites have you found helpful in writing your memoir or life story?


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