Marilyn and Me and U.S. Route 65

When I was growing up in Marshall, Missouri, U.S. Route 65 ran through the middle of town, sharing the main street, Odell Avenue. My friends and I stood at the corner of Odell and Yerby, our swimsuits wrapped inside towels, waving at passing motorists for a ride to the city swimming pool.

I traveled the highway thirty miles south to the state fairgrounds in Sedalia after I learned to drive; the highway was hilly and curvy and in many places the safest speed was less than forty miles per hour. The highway also took me thirty-five miles north to

Paperback-Press Is Publishing Niche for Independent Authors

Sharon Kizziah-Holmes
In the interest of full disclosure, Sharon published my Kindle book, A Guide to Writing Your Memoir or Life Story.

Publishing took a giant leap in the 1990s when computers and digital printing made it possible for nearly anyone to be a published author. The leap was immensely influential on independent authors of memoirs and personal histories, challenged perhaps more than any other group to secure the attention of traditional publishers. Digital printing enabled memoir authors to explode onto the publishing world.

Today, hundreds of companies offer print-on-demand services, causing author reliance on costly traditional publishing