Book Reviews: Memoir, Biography, Family History

"One of the best workshops a writer can take is found between the covers of books, and if you have a library card the admission is absolutely free." Sharon Lippincott

A great way to learn how to write your memoir, biography, or family history is to read books you enjoy, fiction or nonfiction. Pay attention to how the author uses dialogue, inserts snippets of character development, shows a scene rather than tells what is going on, or uses sensory descriptions. Sometimes it takes only a short sentence or the right word to achieve the author's desired image or reader reaction.

You can do that.

I created a page of links to book reviews on this blog for your easy reference at Book Reviews. The page always is accessible on the left side of the blog under Pages. Included are links to draft articles on Groner-Spohrer Family History which I'm writing with my brother, Gene.

What life story have you read, or how-to book on writing life stories, you could share here? I welcome and encourage your review of a memoir, biography, family history, or how-to book on writing those. See Guidelines for Guest Posts and Book Reviews.

Published your own story? Tell about your writing journey, your struggles and successes in getting it done. I will link to your website and to where your book is for sale.

Jump right in with your submissions—I would love to hear from you.