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Best-selling authors don’t come along often, even less so with a memoir or life story. Most people who write about their lives do so for personal satisfaction and to leave a legacy for children and grandchildren to “know it like it was.”

It’s common for a memoir or life story to be less than one hundred pages, photocopied and bound at a quick-print shop, and hand delivered to family and friends.  Whether you do your story that way or have it professionally formatted, designed, and bound to look like a traditionally published book, now is the time to start. Today. Don’t put it off.

You are a part of history, your history that influenced and grew and changed your life and the lives of others. Your life story is important and needs to be shared. Decide now to preserve your precious memories in writing.

Introductory offer
Take the first steps to permanently capture your memories; start writing your memoir, life story, or family history while loved ones are around to enjoy and share. Unpredictable events arise all too quickly.

I’m offering to first-time clients a special package at a reduced price to introduce you to my services. This special offer may be used by you, a family member or other loved one, or a friend you recommend.

Why am I doing this? So you may:
  • See the benefits of starting now to write your memoir, life story, or family history.
  • Have a clearer understanding of my services as a personal historian. 
  • Recommend me to others. 
  • Consider continuing with a larger project.

The offer
  1. Free 30-minute consultation to learn your desires and focus of your story.
  2. Four recorded interviews up to 45 minutes each. These can be by telephone once a week or several times a week. 
  3. A polished manuscript up to 30 pages double-spaced, emailed to you or sent by postal mail. 
  4. Does not include photos or images, genealogical searches, book formatting, book production, or CD. 
  5. Total fee of $495 plus postage. Family members may wish to participate in the cost. One-third is due when we agree to do your project, one-third upon finishing the interviews, and one-third when you receive your manuscript. 
  6. If you decide to continue with a larger project, all of your fee will be applied to the larger project when started within one year.
  7. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 
  8. EZ-pay with PayPal.
Get started now
Send me an email or telephone 417-883-4532 to schedule your free consultation. There is no charge or obligation and I would be happy to respond to your questions. Today would be fine.

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