Denise Wakeman: Self-Publish Your Ebook on's Kindle

Denise Wakeman
Guest article by Denise Wakeman

You know that Visibility = Opportunity and what could be better than being visible on one of the biggest sites on the web? Wouldn't you like to get your content published on You can; it's easy to do.

I recently hosted a webinar with Daniel Hall of Real Fast Book. He presented a step-by-step tutorial on how to publish your ebooks on Amazon's Kindle platform. He did not leave anything out and by the end of the webinar anyone could publish their content. In fact one of my clients posted a note on Facebook the following day letting me know in fact she had done just that.

I talked with Daniel and he has agreed to let me share the webinar replay with you. Yes, there is a pitch for his Real Fast Book program at the end. But there is no obligation to join and you're going to have all the info you need to get published on Kindle at the end of the presentation. The webinar is about 70 minutes.

You'll learn the exact steps to submit your ebook and what you need to prep before you submit your content. You'll also learn:
  • Tips about preparing your content
  • Where to find images for your ebook cover
  • How to make a cover image (this is so simple, I couldn't believe it)
  • Tips about rights and pricing
If you want to create additional streams of income and get some visibility on a massive website, block off 70 minutes to watch and study this webinar. (There is no charge or opt-in required to watch the presentation.)

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Denise Wakeman is an online marketing advisor and founder of The Blog Squad. She works with entrepreneurs and business professionals to leverage blogs and social media tools to boost online visibility to get more traffic, leads, customers and opportunities.

Photo courtesy Denise Wakeman.

Have you published on Kindle? Let us know your tips on what to do best and what to avoid.

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