Writing Your Family History: A Three-part Series

The Groner brothers, circa 1946.
Left to right: Jack, Gene, Wayne.
Next week, I post the first installment of my three-part series, "Writing Your Family History." Family history can combine memoir, creative nonfiction, historical research, and genealogy. You decide how much of each, if any, to include. Your family history can provide a wealth of information from which to draw memoirs, or it can stand alone as your legacy of record.

June 14 – Part 1: Tips from Kimberly Powell, who writes on genealogy for About.com. Includes a link to publishing options for your family history book and a caution regarding coats of arms.

June 21 – Part 2: Gene Groner tells about taking our father back to Dad’s birthplace in Saint Thomas, Missouri and how the town became a settlement for German emigrants. See how Kimberly Powell’s tips come to life on the page.

June 28 – Part 3: Gene’s story continues, including a brief history of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church that was rebuilt after a tornado in 1948.

I hope you enjoy the series, recommend it to your friends, and leave your comments.

Photo courtesy Wayne E. Groner.

Tell us about your family history you have written or are working on. Let us know your questions about writing your family history.

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  1. That sounds great, Wayne! I'm looking forward to it!

    I also appreciate your suggestion to combine memoir, creative nonfiction, historical research, and genealogy. That's what I've done with a lot of my stuff. It works! And what treasures they are.