Call for Guest Writers

"Let's send it in."
I’m looking for guest writers to share their memoir writing experiences and expertise or to exchange posts on my blog. Scroll through my posts to view how others have shared.

Topics could include:
     - How you came to write your memoir.
     - Your challenges and how you
        overcame them.
     - Top 10 lists.
     - How-to articles or tips on memoir-
        writing issues.
     - A story that shows outstanding storytelling techniques.
     - Review of a memoir book or a book on how to write memoirs.
     - Other topics you may suggest related to writing memoirs.

By submitting an article you are certifying it is your original work. Previously published articles are accepted.

Articles should be 500 to 800 words. If I post your article you will receive a byline with your photo and a link to your website or blog. Please send inquiries or completed articles to, with Guest Writer Query in the subject line. Include a bio of no more than 75 words. Article and bio are subject to editing. Please do not send your photo unless requested.

If you wish to exchange posts please tell what you want to write on and what you want me to write on. If we exchange, the following will appear with your article on my blog: "This week I exchanged posts with Your Name. See my article at Your Blog Address."

Thanks a million—I look forward to hearing from you!

Photo: Ziko van Dijk

1 comment:

  1. Wayne,
    What a great idea--exchanging posts always brings variety and interest to a blog. I would love for someone to write about "How to motivate your family to keep journals." I had high hopes for doing a family journal but--even with my prodding--I can't seem to get them to keep up with a journal. They were gung ho about the project in the beginning BUT their interest waned quickly when they had to "work at it." :-)
    I find it difficult to get people to post comments on blogs, too. My website is doing well with "hits" but I have not had much luck with getting blog posts.
    Any suggestions out there?