Today Would be Fine

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"Always put off until tomorrow anything you can
do today."

I don’t think so, even though that’s a lot easier than getting to it. It’s like when the alarm clock goes off at 5:30 a.m. and you press the snooze button several times. Before you know it, it’s time for your mid-morning snack and your feet haven’t touched the floor; you haven’t had breakfast, fed the cat, started the laundry, picked up your prescriptions, or gone on your morning walk in the neighborhood. And why are the children home when it’s a school day?

Among the reasons for procrastinating are fear of failure, unclear goals, feeling overwhelmed, and lack of priorities. Putting things off, though, only makes you more uncomfortable.

Years ago there was a television commercial for a financial services company on getting started investing. “Today would be fine,” the announcer said resolutely. There also was a television commercial for a pizza company in which the announcer said gruffly, “Do it!”

Do it today would be fine. Put your feet squarely onto the floor, plant your rear firmly into the chair seat in front of your computer and start writing your memoir. Here is a quick roundup of websites with dozens of tips to get you started. After you visit them—and read the tips and do them, of course—let me know which ones worked best to get you started writing.

Refute These 14 Reasons Not to Write Your Memoirs
I can’t remember, I’m too old, I’m too young, nothing interesting has happened to me, and ten more totally useless excuses Jerry Waxler shoots holes through. Waxler is founder of Memory Writers Network and co-founder of Lifewriters Forum

Is It Time to Write Your Memoir?
Where to start and what to include, by Cynthia MacGregor, author of more than eighty books and the proprietor of a website for single parents.

First five classes of an online course free offered by Sheila Ellison, teacher, editor, coach and bestselling author of ten books.

Do it now before memories fade and while people are still alive. By Pat McNeese, president of the Association of Personal Historians.

Who Can Write a Memoir?
Ideas for writing your story by freelance writer Lisa Koning, with links to three more of her articles on memoir-writing.

Writers Workshop Series: Writing Your Memoir
Seven tips by Carolyn Oravitz, teacher and freelance writer.

Ten tips by Chris Hadley, freelance writer.

How to Assess If You Need a Ghostwriter
By Denis Ledoux, founder of Soleil Lifestory Network. 

How to Write a Memoir
Be yourself, speak freely, and think small, by William Zinsser, author and teacher. 

Share your excuses and how you overcame them by selecting comments below or send an email. Let us know what motivated you best.

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