Kim Fears Rendleman: The Bobby Pin Blessing

Kim Fears Rendleman
Guest article by Kim Fears Rendleman

A testimony of God's love came to me from an unexpected place when I was a teenager.

It all began at a sleepover at my best friend’s house. We were excited about the next morning because we were going to church camp for a week. That evening, I had the bright idea that I wanted bangs. At that time, we wore our hair parted down the middle, long and straight. So, my friend got a pair of scissors and began cutting my hair. After several attempts to get the bangs straight, it became apparent my new hairstyle looked ridiculous! I had nubs for bangs! By the way, in that day, kids didn’t spike their hair. So, I had no way out of this dilemma. I was going to look stupid at camp. The only thing to do was add Dippity-do and pin my bangs back with bobby pins.

I know many of you have never been a teenage girl, so I’ll point out that hairstyle matters, especially when you’re going to camp where there are lots of boys.

The next morning we loaded up the car and headed to Camp Semoca, which was in Doniphan, Missouri. On the way there, my mom stopped at a hair salon in Poplar Bluff and that’s where I found out there was nothing that could be done for me. However, my sisters and friend got really cute haircuts. Talk about adding insult to injury!

Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, when we got to camp, I had to endure being teased about my hair. I remember feeling self conscious and sad and I tried not to let my attitude about my hair have a negative impact on my camp experience, but it was hard not to.

Then, an incredible thing happened! I received an unexpected blessing because of my bad haircut. There was a young girl at camp named Kierston and she was probably five or six years old. Kierston was at camp because her mom was the Camp Director.

For some reason, Kierston liked me, bad hair and all, and wherever I went, Kierston went. Every morning she knocked on the bus door to walk with me to breakfast. You heard right, I did say bus. We were the lucky kids who were assigned to sleep in the bus that had been converted into a camper.
Anyway, one morning after hearing a knock, I opened the bus door to see Kierston standing there smiling up at me with two bobby pins in her hair, definitely worn just like mine. That simple act of imitation brought me great joy and changed my attitude. I was no longer sad about my hair and I was able to enjoy camp to its fullest.

Who would have thought that by combining a little kid, bobby pins, and a teenager’s bad haircut would equal a blessing! I think we know who . . . Thank you God.

Kim Fears Rendleman lives in Springfield, Missouri.

Photo courtesy Kim Fears Rendleman.

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