Pat McNees: Therapeutic Benefits of Telling Life Stories

Personal historian Pat McNees (pictured) has written on the therapeutic benefits of telling life stories, especially for those under geriatric care. Here are some of the benefits she discovered for the elderly, caregivers, and family:
  • Improving mood and quality of life
  • Increasing emotional support
  • Reducing suffering and depression
  • Attaining a sense of peace
  • Calming the elder
  • Improving self-esteem for family and the elder
  • Making amends
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Reconciling alienated relationships
  • Giving back
  • Improving problem-solving skills
  • Assisting with the grief process
  • Strengthening connections among patients, caregivers, and family members
  • Creating compassionate presence
  • Developing a spiritual experience
Read Pat McNees’ article, “The Beneficial Effects of Life Story and Legacy Activities” in the Journal of Geriatric Care Management.
Photo courtesy Pat McNess. Visit her website.

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