Memoir Can Focus on a Life-changing Event

I'm helping Tim and Marcia write a book about their struggles dealing with Tim's depression. It's an example of a memoir that focuses on a life-changing event.

Tim's depression came upon him suddenly, like a heavy and dark cloud, and his family dealt with its serious effects for six years. He lost his job, drank alcohol to escape the turmoil of depression's grip, slept most of the time, and often was overcome by fits of uncontrollable crying. They lived on Social Security disability income, financial help from friends and family, and Marcia's part-time work as a caterer. Tim tried many physical treatments and prescription medications, all with only minimal and temporary relief.

"Our faith in God kept us together and kept us searching," says Marcia.

A Christian residential treatment center in St. Louis provided their best results. Tim also discovered he could lessen the grip of the dark clouds with a regimen of running. Although he no longer suffers major symptoms of depression, the disease will always be in him.

Fifteen million people in the U.S. experience depression every day. Many factors can trigger depression, but no specific cause has been identified by health professionals.

Tim now has a senior-level executive position in the information technology field that takes him all over the world. Marcia still owns her catering business and works at it full time.

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