12 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Turn Your Memories into a Book

You are the best person to tell your stories. Only you can bring your unique perspectives to your life’s experiences. Before you become physically and mentally unable to tell your stories, consider why you should do it now.

You will be:

1. Providing a special gift to your children and grandchildren that will be a priceless and lasting treasure.

2. Enriching your family’s history with your unique perspectives.

3. Linking the lives of your ancestors with the lives of your descendants.

4. Teaching useful coping skills.

5. Leaving a legacy of your moral values, spiritual beliefs, and family traditions.

6. Helping others enjoy life.

7. Increasing self esteem and raising satisfaction.

8. Honoring those who made a difference in your life and those who helped you make a difference in the lives of others.

9. Entertaining with stories of pleasant times and accomplishments.

10. Inspiring with stories of sorrows and challenges.

11. Clarifying the understanding of your life’s journey.

12. Memorializing your experiences to be more than just names and dates.

Adapted from Get Started--Benefits of Preserving Your Stories.

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