My Coaching, Interviewing, and Writing Services

It's your story
Many persons don't have the time or skills to write a memoir, or they have started and are stuck on what to do next. A personal historian can help them do the project in a timely and professional manner. That's where I come in.

Your story can be about anything you want. Maybe it's rags-to-riches, overcoming challenges, or setting the record straight. Perhaps some healing is needed or you want to share stories of your spiritual growth. You could tell how your values were strongly influenced by others and how you influenced them. You can be funny, serious, revealing, or all of those. This is your story; it's all about you. 

Coaching services. Save $50.
If you're ready to begin, or have started and need some help, my coaching services will build a strong foundation for you to write your story. My initial 30-minute telephone consultation is free. If we agree to follow-up sessions, I will encourage, prompt, and guide you in writing and planning your project.

Although coaching is specific to your desires and goals, here are some things we could cover: 
  • Clearly define your purposes in writing your story.
  • Where to begin (not at the beginning, but with action)
  • What time periods to cover.
  • Handling painful memories.
  • Telling the truth without hurting others.
  • Writing your story so others will want to read it.
  • Overcoming writer's block.
  • Memory joggers and how to use them.
  • Writing without editing.
  • Using dialogue effectively.
  • Telling how you changed.
After the free consultation, each session is $60. You may have as many sessions as you want. Save $50 when you agree to five sessions for a total of $250. Each session is by telephone and will last up to one hour.

I would be happy to respond to your questions. There is no charge or obligation. Contact me.  

Interviewing, writing, proofreading, editing
If you are uncomfortable doing your own writing, consider my interviewing and ghost writing services. My initial 30-minute consultation is free to learn your desires and goals. If we agree to do a project, I will prepare a written agreement that details the estimated time period, what I will do, what you will do, and the costs. 

Services include:
  • Interviewing you by telephone on a schedule that fits you, usually once a week. Many projects complete the interview portion in twelve weeks.
  • Writing and editing a narrative based on the interviews.
  • Proofreading and editing your manuscript.
  • Giving you the manuscript on compact disc (CD).
  • Your satisfaction guaranteed. 
  • Interviewing and writing - $600 non-refundable deposit, plus $12 to $15 per manuscript page. Includes proofreading, editing, and formatting for publication. 
  • Proofreading only - $4 to $7 per manuscript page. Includes punctuation, spelling, grammar.
  • Proofreading and editing - $8 to $11 per manuscript page. Includes punctuation, spelling, grammar, clarity, and construction.
Book Production
The final step is book production, which has many variables, including softcover or hardcover, dimensions, number of pages, type of paper, number of photos, amount of color and black and white, and number of copies.

Book production includes selecting and formatting photos, photo captions, design and layout, and printing and distribution. Costs are in addition to interviewing, writing, proofreading, and editing. 

I will format your completed manuscript for publication and refer you to several reputable book publishers to complete your project.

Family members may wish to commission a project for a loved one and participate in the costs. See Introductory Offer.

Contact me
I would be happy to respond to your questions. There is no charge or obligation. Contact me.

Here is wishing you the best of success. And, above all, have fun!